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Cubes - Picture "model cars" Stellar

2100 AMD

Brand: Stellar
Product Code: 0821
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Almost all kids love cubes "Lay down your picture." As many as 6 images of beautiful models of cars - cars can be folded just 6 blocks. Playing with your child, tell him that the car - a vehicle as these cars are called, try to show their child while walking. This will help the development of speech memories of the child, increasing the vocabulary.
Putting a picture, the child will see how it turns out parts whole beautiful picture. Playing with blocks helps develop a child's visual memory, attention, perseverance, logical and visual-figurative thinking, ability to work on the model.
Bricks made from polystyrene.

  • Material - polystyrene
  • Size: 40 x 80 x 120/145 x 335 x 335
  • 3+ years


24+ month

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