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Baby Brush with Comb


Gentle enough for your baby's soft head

The baby brush and comb are perfectly suitable for use on a daily basis:

  • The brush, with its particularly soft natural hair bristles, gently massages your baby's sensitive head.
  • The comb protects your baby's skin thanks to its rounded teeth.
  • The special grip allows for a secure hold.
  • An impressive product combining both soft and hard materials.

Comb and brush with a pattern


Set of combs Nuby 3 months without disturbing the delicate skin of the baby. Soft nylon bristles. Comb teeth with rounded edges. Soft non-slip handle.

MYTH: natural bristle better! In fact, natural bristle better absorb moisture, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. It needs to be cleaned regularly with soap and water, and often change.

Hygienic parameters in nylon brush is much higher than that of brushes with natural bristles. Combs and brushes Luv n saga created specifically for easy combing hair of the child. Soft nylon bristle not cause concern delicate skin of the baby. The product is made from safe, durable, non-toxic materials.

  • Age: 3 months

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