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Self-propelled with soft bullets


  • UPGRADE-READY BLASTER: Customize the blaster for every battle or mission by taking advantage of 5 tactical rails and stock and barrel attachment points (stock and barrel extension not included)
  • INCLUDES 12 NERF DARTS: Comes with 12 Official Nerf darts and a 6-dart clip, giving you 6 darts for the clip and 6 more darts so you're ready for reloads. Fire, reload, and fire some more!
  • MOTORIZED DART BLASTING: Fire 6 dart fast from the motorized blaster! Hold down the acceleration button and pull the trigger to fire 1 dart at a time. Batteries required (not included)
  • FIRES DARTS UP TO 90 FEET (27 METERS): Go the distance with this blaster that fires darts up to 90 feet (27 meters)
  • INCLUDES REMOVABLE SCOPE: Comes with removable scope so you can customize your blaster during battle

"Secret Mission: Military Helicopter


Age: 6+
Parts QTY: 648
Number of mini figures: 4 pcs
Box size: 52 X 34 X 6 cm.,
Fully compatible with LEGO
Designer material: ABS plastic.
QMAN Construction Set "Secret Mission: Military Helicopter" is a high-quality construction set in the most popular format! Details are easily connected to each other. Constructor games develop creative thinking and perseverance.

American Tank M26 Pershing Pershing


Characteristics of the American Tank M26 Pershing Pershing:

- analogue of Lego;

- 1013 parts;

- 6 military minifigures;

- weapons;

- the size of the package of the constructor: 71 * 47 * 7 cm;

- the size of the assembled tank: 26 * 12.8 * 17.5 cm;

- Quanguan manufacturer

- for children over 6 years old (contains small parts).

Constructor "Rocket complex"


The designer is presented in a military theme. Structures can be disassembled, and parts can be used to create other objects. Construction is very exciting for all children, and in turn contributes to the development of fine motor skills, which is directly related to the development of fantasy and speech. Structural and logical thinking develops perfectly in the game, the child learns to be attentive, diligent, self-organization is formed.

Analogue of Lego.
Material: plastic.
Parts QTY: 497
Package size: 42.5 * 6.5 * 28.5cm



Bright and stylish like a gun every boy and give unforgettable moments of games with friends. Included with the gun has several plastic balls, but they are light and can not cause injury. Himself trunk is also made of light plastic, but it is ready to serve for many years.

  • for boys
  • What made the toy (the composition): polypropylene.
  • Package: gun, 3 Ball.
  • Packing: bag.
  • Diameter of ball: 3.5 cm.
  • Length of gun: 21 cm.
  • Age: 3 years

A gun with plastic bullets


Wonderful children Stellar gun with balls enthralls your little warrior.
Features gun Stellar:

  • made of quality durable plastic
  • shooting big colorful balls
  • before you shoot, you need to cock the gun charge and spring ball
  • Included gun and 3 balls.
  • Age: 5, 4, 3
  • Size: 31 x 4 x 15 cm

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