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404 parts are included in the boxManufacturing material: plastic.

Box size28 x 47 x 6 cm

Age6 - 8+ yrs.


Harry Potter


510 pieces are included in the box


Box size26 x 37 x 6 cmAge8+ yearsBrand:



Russian Alphabet puzzle

-10% 3000 2700AMD

Size: 165*105cm

Material: wood

Produced in Armenia

English puzzle


 Material: wood
 Made in Armenia

Memo game


Size: 125*115sm

Material: wood

Produced in Armenia

Find letters


Size 14*7*6 sm



Size: 20*12sm

Material: wood

Made in Armenia

Elephant family


Размер՝ 8.5*14 см


Сделано в Армении


The constructor "War"


One of the distinct needs of the young and middle age is the need to do something with their hands. According to psychologists, is a vital stage of psychophysical development. It allows the child to express their individuality and creativity, to learn to think strategically, and unleash your creativity, contributing to the harmonious development of personality.

Your child likes to design? So, bright plastic constructor would be for him not only play, but also an excellent tool that will teach accurately perform the tasks on the proposed pattern and come up with something different, to concentrate memory and attention, making their hands deftly.

The instructions to set the details of the 220 assembly described six models of various equipment: truck, helicopter, tank, anti-aircraft gun, the gun and the aircraft. 2 amusing figures pilots included. And as for the independent design possibilities are endless!

Before you start the game, show your child how to connect parts, ask him to do it yourself, you simple repeat the assembled structure or bring it to the end. This young designer to help a wrench and a screwdriver, which are included in the kit. When the connection-disconnection parts cease to be a problem, help your child with reading design scheme that he knew the sequence in which items should be collected the correct model. Teach him how to count and choose the elements needed to build a given sample.

Designer is an excellent trainer for the development of spatial thinking, design, imagination, fine motor skills, accuracy, perseverance.

The kit also recommended for school lessons work.

The set includes 220 pieces, including two figures pilot wheels and connecting elements (bolts, nuts, angles, washers, plugs), wrench, screwdriver, colorful illustrations with examples and sequence assembly.

  • Age: 3-7
  • 220 parts
  • Packing - a cardboard box 315х 270х 55 mm
  • For boys



 Size: 8*8
 Material: wood
 Made in Armenia

Interactive globe


The interactive soft globe provides information about the continents and the animals that live
 there through quatrains. The toy is made in Armenia by "Mankan" company, with ecologically
 clean materials in accordance with international standards.
 Size: 23 x 28 x 28 cm Age 4 - 8+ years Brand: Mankan:

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