The Seven Continents of the World (Map-Puzzle)


Author: Jennifer Mappin 

Cover: hard 
Size: 32.5x24cm 
Language: Eastern Armenian 
Published: 2008 

    6 picturesque map-puzzles, each consisting of 48 parts, which are included in one book and depict all the continents of the world containing interesting facts and information


Book of Knowledge: Internet-Linked


Authors: Authors' Group 
Translated from English by: H. Grigoryan, S. Mkrtchyan, A. Khalechyan 
Pages: 208 
Cover: hard 
Size: 22.5x28.5cm 
Language: Eastern Armenian 
Published: 2015 

     This encyclopedia includes a vast bulk of information on different aspects of science. The texts are composed of scientifically verified data and are enjoyable to young readers. The book features maps and sketches with corresponding descriptions and explanations. A great number of photos and illustrations make the information vivid and more tangible. Besides, the book provides with an access to the Internet links where additional videos and films will give more attraction to the learning process. The readers will also find a lot of information on world history, scientific discoveries and chronology of scientifically significant dates.

The Wonders of the World: 100 incredible and inspiring places on earth


Pages: 160 

Cover: hard 
Size: 24x24 cm 
Language: Eastern Armenian 
Published: 2012 

     Take a trip around the globe along the International Date Line from east to west, and stop off at 100 awe-inspiring wonders en route.
     From the magnificent Moai Statues of Easter Island to the splendor of the Sydney Opera House, via the amazing Amazon Rainforest and the marvelous markets of Marrakesh, enjoy the sightseeing tour of a lifetime in Wonders of the World. 
     Wonders of the World includes all the major natural and fabricated wonders you could ever hope to visit on the whistlestop trip of a lifetime.

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