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Visual Mathematics 2


Author: Sokrat Mkrtchyan
Pages: 64
Cover: soft
Size: 17x24 cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2021

Getting ready for a performance. Thematic scenarios for kindergarten and elementary school. 2nd edition.


Authors: Astghik Balayan, Srbuhi Papyan, Chinarik Margaryan
Pages: 184
Cover: soft
Size: 14.5x20cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2022

     The scenarios of group performances included in the handbook are intended for elementary school grades and the senior groups of preschool educational institutions. The scenarios are dedicated to seasons of the year, New Year holidays, our planet, the end of the ABC primer, the end of elementary school, etc. They have a value base and developing significance. The handbook is addressed to the kindergarten educators and primary school teachers.


Book of Knowledge: Internet-Linked


Authors: Authors' Group 
Translated from English by: H. Grigoryan, S. Mkrtchyan, A. Khalechyan 
Pages: 208 
Cover: hard 
Size: 22.5x28.5cm 
Language: Eastern Armenian 
Published: 2015 

     This encyclopedia includes a vast bulk of information on different aspects of science. The texts are composed of scientifically verified data and are enjoyable to young readers. The book features maps and sketches with corresponding descriptions and explanations. A great number of photos and illustrations make the information vivid and more tangible. Besides, the book provides with an access to the Internet links where additional videos and films will give more attraction to the learning process. The readers will also find a lot of information on world history, scientific discoveries and chronology of scientifically significant dates.

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