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3 Piece Toothbrush Set


The Nûby™ beginner toothbrushes promote the early development of good dental hygiene. The bristles are designed especially with a child in mind. The result of this special attention to detail is a product your child can use with ease. The first step allows parents to brush and massage gums gently, while the second massages and helps clean during the teething process. Ask your doctor or dentist about when to switch to the soft nylon brush (step 3) once teething begins 

Training Toothbrush Set


  • Children’s step-by step introduction to cleaning their own teeth
  • Step 1: NUK Brush-and-Bite Teething Trainer, for precise massaging during teething
  • Step 2: NUK Brushing Trainer with soft, bite-resistant rubber tips for the first gentle cleaning
  • Non-slip toothbrush-shaped handles
  • Protective ring which prevents either trainer being put too far into your baby’s mouth and which can also be used as a stand

Starter Toothbrush


  • Ideal for helping babies learn how to clean their own teeth
  • Rounded brush head with soft, rounded bristles
  • Non-slip, ergonomic handle
  • Protective ring which prevents the brush being put too far into your baby’s mouth and which can also be used as a stand

Baby Toothpaste with Natural Apple . Banana Flavour and­ Finger Toothbrush


Nuk Tooth & Gum Cleanser Set is designed to clean your baby's teeth and gums. This apple- and banana-flavoured infant toothpaste contains natural ingredients, similar to what's found in breast milk, to give your baby's teeth and gums even more protection. Furthermore, it comes with a baby-soft brush that fits an adult finger snugly and feels gentle on your baby's tender gums. It is safe for babies 3 months or older. as it contains no fluoride, making it safe to swallow. Paediatric dentists recommend cleaning your baby's teeth and gums every day, and the Tooth & Gum Cleanser Set can help get your baby started on a lifetime of good oral habits.

Silver Care Kids Brush Soft (2-6 years)


Small head, corresponding to the morphological characteristics of the child's mouth. Soft antibacterial bristles for maximum hygiene and plaque removal without irritating teeth and gums.

Made in Italy

Training Toothbrush


These toothbrushes are specially created for the proper development of children's teeth. Initially, parents chistyaat and massage the gums of children. The brush is designed to massage the gums and clean the teeth. They are made of harmless materials.

  Quantity: 2 pcs.

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