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Bath Thermometer

NUK Baby Flash Fever Thermometer, (Touchless Fever Measurement on the Forehead by Infrared Transmitter in Seconds, Hygienic


About this item

  • Hygienic measurement: measures without touching the baby's forehead
  • Instant fever warning with digital display
  • Fast and accurate: Measurement result within 1 second
  • Box contents: NUK 10256380 Baby Thermometer Flash
  • Versatile: Measurement e.g. of baby food, bath water and room temperature.

Ocean Bath Thermometer


The NUK Bath Thermometer ensures the right water temperature and safe bath-time fun: the easy-to-read scale shows the exact water temperature, so that you can immediately see whether the bath water is the right temperature for your child (37°C). The NUK Bath Thermometer is filled with pure rapeseed oil, a natural measuring fluid, which, even if it escapes, is completely harmless. Made from shatterproof material which retains its shape and printed with cheerful motifs the blue NUK Bath Thermometer guarantees safe bath-time fun all round.

Bath Thermometer


The thermometer look like a submarine. It provides safe measurement of the temperature of the liquid. The thermometer has a handy screen that will help to check the water temperature before bathing baby.

Bath thermometer "Ocean" with a picture


Bright, colorful thermometer water when bathing your baby needs!

Made from non-toxic, safe materials, not beating and attracts the attention of the baby.


  • plastic filler - alcohol.

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