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We invite all companies engaged in the production and importation of goods for children to cooperate.

Offer to create a website to represent your company and your brand. The website will include all the properties of an online store (presentation of goods, taking orders and delivering them)

We are ready to take responsibility for creating your site, its processing, maintenance, safety and smooth operation

Since today the role and the use of the Internet for information is increasing, the presentation of your products is a necessity

Researches show that the majority of mothers gather information from the Internet before buying any product and wonder wonder what other clients think about it

Why cooperate with us?

We have a great experience in creating, developing, maintaining, promoting the security and updating websites.We have many years of experience in the field of e-commerce and know how to attract new customers, how to present items on the screen, so that customers receive all the answers to their questions.

By cooperating with us you will have the following advantages:

  • Your items will be available for many visitors of our site
  • Your news will also be seen by our clients
  • Buyers' opinions about your products will also be available

Features and benefits of our site are the followings

  • All your products with detailed information will be presented on the website
  • You'll have the chance to add and renew the assortment as well
  • Products presented on your site will also be available for our customers
  • You will be able to submit your ads, which will be seen on our website as well and our customers will see that
  • The site will have all the opportunities for online store – the opportunity to receive orders from the customers
  • in case of wish, we can deliver goods freeing you from that process.

Thank you for your cooperation ...

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