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Rattle "Twist"


Rattle "Twist" helps the child to do the necessary exercises to develop motor skills.

  • Multifacture colorful toys with various details of the relief surface acquaint the child with a variety of tactile and visual sensations and contribute to the development of Predictive.
  • Details swirling in all directions.
  • The product is made from safe, durable, non-toxic materials.
  • Age: 3+ month

Suspension on the bed


  • Material: Polystyrene
  • 125 x 45 x 480 mm
  • 0+ month

Suspension of "Jingle Bells" on a bed


Rattle-suspension on the carriage become indispensable toy in the first months of baby's life.
It develops visual and auditory perception of the child, teaches him to concentrate and focus on an object, introduces baby with color. Even just touching the hand that toy, the baby hears the sound that later will teach him to establish causal relationships.
On a thick rubber band strung round rattle - beads and bells.

  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Along the edges - ring-clips.
  • Size design 49cm unstretched.
  • Balls with a diameter of 2.5 and 5 cm, bells 6x7 cm - large.
  • 0+ month 

Suspension on the bed


  • Material: Polystyrene
  • 125 x 45 x 480mm
  • 0+ month



Rattle "gift set"


Bright gift set "Rattles" will not leave indifferent your child and will not let him get bored. The set consists of three colored rattles and rattles a pendant on a bed. Rattles are made in the form of apple, and bell flower with built thundering elements. Rattle-suspension is a five-colored cats and six colored balls attached to an elastic band. At the ends of elastic bands are split rings, with which the rattle is convenient to fix. Gift Set "Rattles" will help your child learn the basic colors and develop fine motor skills of hands, and the coordination of movements.

  • Box size: 39 x 27.5 x 7 cm
  • Age: 0+ month

Interesting pyramid -2


Pyramid is designed so that it can collect in the upper side, and in the interior. The set includes 8 cups of yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, light blue, dark green and light green.

The cups have a square shape. The bottom of each cup has holes that serve as a sieve through which water can be poured.

The bottom of the cup has a lozenge-shaped, square, circle and other geometric shapes.

Playing with pyramid, the kid can learn to distinguish colors, distinguish shapes, determine the size of the figures.

From cups can be assembled in a variety of shapes as houses and pyramids.

  • Material: High-grade plastic
  • Age: 3+ years

Soothers with silicone orthodontic teat


NUBY Soothers silicone orthodontic teat,

• The special shape of the flap of a butterfly nose keeps free
• Gently massage the bristles move when the baby sucks, these movements help soothe sore gums during teething new teeth
• Air circulation is due to the shape of wings reduces skin irritation and sweating

  • 0-6 months

Tumbler Rattle "Pussycat"


Tumbler Rattle "Pussycat" - a great gift for curious kids!
• Unique design.
• Bright colors.
• Rotation.
• Develops fine motor skills of hands, coordination, color perception, imagination.
• It consists of high quality materials.
• Meets the requirements of safety and quality standards of production.
• For children 0+ years.

Tumbler Rattle "Bear"


  • Material: PET, polystyrene
  • 110 x 110 x 120/110 x 110 x 130 mm
  • carton: 330 x 330 x 132 mm
  • Age: 0+ monthes


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