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"Kolobok" 17 details Stellar

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Brand: Stellar
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Designer with rattles "Gingerbread Man" is intended for children to play from 1 to 6 years. Manipulation of the set pieces trained child's thinking, develop spatial imagination, contribute to the formation of mathematical concepts "part and whole." A large number of different combinations to build support interest in the game develops perseverance and persistence.

Availability in detail designer rattles, turns any build even more exciting and thrilling adventure. Independently collected funny figure or turret provides the child psycho-emotional satisfaction, increases the confidence in themselves and their abilities.

The game improves: fine motor skills of hands, general motor skills, imagination and fantasy. It promotes the development of a child's perseverance and persistence. It increases self-esteem and confidence. Positive effect on the emotional and psychological state of the child.

The kit includes:

  • Material: polypropylene.
  • Package type: box.
  • Package Size: 240mmX340mmX70mm
  • Weight: 760 g


12+ month

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