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My Pure Touch Shiny Vibes



  • Safe for baby
  • Easy to do: no baking, no other material required, all included in this kit!
  • Many trials allowed before drying
  • Very quick: only 2 minutes to create a perfect print (drying time not included)
  • Includes 1 keepsake, 2 ribbons



Maximum weight: 30 kg

Age 2+:

Scooter Pink


The lightweight and durable aluminium frame weighs only 6.2 kg, making it much easier for kids to transport than bulkier electric scooters. With speeds from 8 to 12 km/h, the G-Start Electric Kick Start Scooter is as safe as it is fun. The sleek and stylish design makes this the perfect first electric scooter for kids who want to power up their outdoor adventures.

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